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'Clean Energy For All Europeans Package', EFM Roundtable, Brussels, Tuesday 28 February 2017:




'Finance For Growth', EFM Roundtable, Brussels, Tuesday 31 January 2017:




'Modern Manufacturing and the Workforce: Do We Need a European Pillar of Social Rights?', EFM Roundtable, Brussels, Tuesday 29 November 2016:




'Advanced Manufacturing Acress Europe's Regions', EFM Roundtable, Brussels, Wednesday 12 October 2016:




'Digitizing European Industry – The Core of a Sustainable Industrial Policy for Europe', EFM Roundtable, Brussels, Wednesday 7 September 2016:




'Closing the Loop – Action Plan for the Circular Economy Roundtable', EFM Roundtable, London, Monday 18 July 2016:




'Energy Market Design & Energy Efficiency', EFM Roundtable, Brussels, Wednesday 15 June 2016:




'EU Trade Strategy & TTIP', EFM Dinner Debate, Brussels, Tuesday 24 May 2016:




'Energy Efficiency Labelling Proposal', EFM Dinner Debate, Brussels, Wednesday 20 April 2016:




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